How to get an affordable carbon offset on your land

By BRIAN WALSHA | The Jerusalem TimesBRIAN WEBERLE: We’re talking about a carbon offset.

We’re going to take an amount of carbon that’s going to be put into the soil and use that to offset the amount of greenhouse gases that’s being emitted into the atmosphere by human activity.

That’s a lot of money, and it’s something that’s actually been around for a while.

But this is the first time that it’s been done at the scale that it will.

And it is a significant amount of money.

There are a lot more companies in this market than there used to be, and I think it will be a boon to the farmers and farmers’ markets that are in this area.

It’s also an opportunity for the people that want to buy it.

It will be the easiest way for them to buy carbon offsets on their land.

And there are other incentives as well.

We have incentives for farmers who want to invest in their properties.

We also have incentives in the form of subsidies.

So we can have a lot going on.

We can also provide some tax relief on the carbon offsets that are being created by these companies.

I’m not really sure what the exact number will be.

There’s also a carbon credit.

This is a kind of rebate that farmers can get for a certain amount of their carbon.

And that rebate is a lot larger than the amount that would be offset by the carbon offset that we’re going in this program.

But I think we’ll be able to get a fair amount of that rebate.

We’ve got a program that’s been on the books for a long time.

It has been a success.

And we’ll see how it plays out.

It is not a program we’re very familiar with, but I think that we’ll find that it has been quite successful.

I don’t know how much it’s going through at the moment, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

We’ll be happy to share more information.

It looks like the amount the company will be able, and the total amount of the carbon credit that it is going to provide, is going into the land.

It seems to be an interesting program, and we’ll hopefully be able do some more work with it.

BRIEN WEBER, BRIARMAN PRODUCTS, INC.: So, how much of the value of that carbon offset is going back into the environment?

A: Well, the carbon is the primary source of energy for the crops and the animals.

So, the amount it’s used to offset is quite small.

The value of it is much higher than that.

It depends on how the farmers use it.

Some farmers, particularly those in rural areas, have an interest in not putting any more carbon into the ground than they’ve already put in.

So they’ll use it to offset their carbon offset, and then use it in the future to offset any additional carbon that they’re going be adding in.

And then, as the crops get older and the cows get older, that’s where the value comes from.

And so, it’s a way to make money from the land that’s already been created.

And the amount we’re looking at here is going right into the forest and the land behind the farm.

It doesn’t seem to be used in the way that it was intended.

It really is just an additional source of carbon, which is what you want to have in the ground.

Q: And how will the carbon that you’re using be transferred to the environment when the land is in the process of being planted with that crop?

A. The carbon is actually transported through the soil, through the roots, through various kinds of organic matter, and through the atmosphere.


And how long does it take to create that carbon?

A.: It takes time, but you’ll get a lot out of it.

When it’s created, it takes a long, long time to produce it.

The plants are not growing very fast.

But you will get a tremendous amount of benefit from the carbon you’re putting into the earth. Q

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