XCast: The Xcast’s full video review

The XCast is a video-editing application for Android that offers a full-screen video editor, a large library of content and video editing tools, and video streaming.

It also provides a wealth of other goodies such as photo filters and video player.

But we didn’t have time to get it to work on our phone.

That’s about to change.

We’ve already had an early run of the XCast on an Android phone and it’s been running on our iPhone for the last week.

It looks great and offers a pretty solid video editor experience.

The app itself is built around a new design, which is meant to make the app feel like a regular app rather than a mobile version.

It’s a nice touch, but it still feels a little rough around the edges.

It lacks a few features we’ve grown to love in other Android video editors, such as video stabilization and playback controls.

It does offer a few other features such as filters, video clips and playback of audio.

The only way to take advantage of all those features is to use the Xcast app as a video editor.

You can either click on the ‘Edit’ button on the bottom right to edit the video, or click on ‘Video’ and select a video file from the drop-down menu.

Once you’ve selected the video file, you can either add a video clip or add a play/pause button.

The playback controls are pretty simple, too.

You click on an item and you can adjust its speed and pan to move it in and out.

This is where things get a little confusing.

It seems that the XCasts playback controls can be controlled by using the camera button.

When you’re in the app, the camera can be used to zoom in and to pan out.

The video you play back from the Xcaster will then look like this: When you click on a video, you’ll see a small button next to the video player icon.

This button can be pressed to toggle playback of the video on and off.

As a result, you might end up with a video that looks a little like this, but the player controls aren’t really what you want.

The main reason you’d want to use these controls is to adjust the video’s pan and zoom.

You want to zoom out to see a bit more detail, so you can see a more detailed shot, but you also want to go back in time to adjust things for more detail.

If you tap the video clip, it will play back in reverse, so the camera controls will take over.

This can be handy for shooting videos in a location that you can’t see because of the sun, or if you have a good angle on a tree.

However, if you tap on a preview image of a video and then zoom in, you won’t see any difference.

So the only way you’ll be able to do this is to set up the Xcasts camera controls for a different shot or video.

You’ll then need to make adjustments to the image in order to get a good pan.

The camera controls are simple, but if you don’t have a solid understanding of video editing, you could end up having to repeat the process over and over again.

For example, if I’m editing a video from a GoPro Hero4 Black, I could press the ‘zoom’ button at one end of the screen and then adjust the pan to make sure I get a shot that looks right.

The same thing would apply to an iPhone, except that I can adjust the zoom on my phone to make it look like a full video.

However you make adjustments, the Xcasts camera controls won’t change.

So while the Xcasters video editor may be useful in its current state, we can expect that its future plans could improve over time.

This could be great for mobile video editors who need to add more features, like full video playback, to make their work easier.

The XCasting app is free and available for download on Google Play.

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