How to fix ‘Boris Bovshys’ problem in Sydney CBD

Posted March 04, 2020 09:14:08 When the billionaire businessman Boris Bovys bought the Sydney CBD’s iconic Carlton and Princess Hotel, he didn’t just bring a lot of money to the city.

He also brought some serious attention to the CBD.

Now, in an effort to fix a few things, Bovs City Council is planning a “Boris’ Day” to celebrate the man he is known for.

“Bovshy” is the first person to be named in the project, which is to be overseen by the Australian Institute of Architects.

The city’s planning committee says it is trying to bring some “social and cultural” benefits to the area, with the aim of getting a sense of what life was like in the 19th century before the construction of the Carlton and the Princess.

“It’s a big project to have to look back at, but it’s also a chance to reflect and reflect on our history,” city planning and planning policy chair Paul McBride said.

The plan is to build a new building that will include a new restaurant, bar and restaurant terrace.

Bov was a prominent property owner in Sydney before he moved to Australia, but his wealth was not well known outside of Sydney.

His property, which was the first of its kind in Australia, was sold for $2.4 million in 1901, with much of the proceeds donated to the City of Sydney and the Australian National University.

But it is unclear how much the new development will cost.

The site where the Carlton & Princess Hotel sits in the City.

It was originally planned to be a luxury hotel, but after the Carlton fell into disrepair, the project was scrapped in the 1970s.

The property was used as a park in the 1960s, and was later renovated to become the hotel’s original home.

The project is a joint effort between the City Council and the Melbourne Museum.

“We’re going to bring a little bit of Bov’s magic to the Melbourne CBD,” Mr McBride told the ABC.

Bovs original plans for the Carlton hotel, which he acquired in 1901. “

The whole idea is to give people a bit of a sense about where it was before the Carlton.”

Bovs original plans for the Carlton hotel, which he acquired in 1901.

But the Carlton has been vacant for decades and, after being demolished by the Government, was recently renovated to include a bar, a restaurant, a new lounge area and a rooftop garden.

The project is also part of a larger redevelopment of the CBD, which has seen the creation of a number of parks, residential developments and a planned rail station.

The City Council’s new “Brisbane Bov” project will also include a walkway connecting the new hotel and the Carlton.

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