When you need to go beyond the stars and into the realms of the cosmos, the kageroul project offers a way to find the answers to your questions

The kageroup project offers an alternative way to search for celestial objects.

Its creator, an astronomy professor at the University of Guelph, says it’s a great way to look for objects that are far beyond the borders of our solar system, beyond the reach of conventional telescopes.

“The objects we are looking for in the sky, they are very, very far away,” said Professor Michael Kagerou.

“They are not only very far from us, they’re not only in the solar system.”

So far, the project has identified dozens of objects that can be used to search out exoplanets in the Kuiper Belt.

The most promising ones are ones that orbit the star K2, located in the constellation of Sagittarius.

“It’s the closest thing we know of to the sun, but it’s very far, so it’s not the brightest object in the night sky,” said Kageroul.

“We can see the star very, really well and we can look for those objects very, the way we do with our binoculars.”

So, the researchers are also hoping to identify a planet beyond K2.

They’ve also been looking at planets around other stars, but this is the first time the kagersoul project has looked for one that orbits the star known as K2A.

“So far, we have identified planets in the habitable zone,” said Robert KagerOU, one of the project’s co-authors.

“And it’s something that we’re hoping to find one day, and we think it might be very,very close to the star that we just discovered.”

Kagerouls research is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Space Agency.


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