The Allure Group, LLC.



The Allure Group has developed  a reputation as a very special type of company.  We take all the risk with our programs.  Our vendors don't do anything until Allure sets things up with our clients.  

We connect needs with solutions 


J.B.,  Owner of national marketing group for home furnishings industry.

"Many of my vendor partners see Allure as totally unique in our business.   Allure does a lot more than just get you in".   Allure also has been able to get us in front of many customers we previously could not reach.

Grant Riley, SR. Vice President Marketing, Capital Marketing, Sarasota, Florida

"Having Allure as one of our marketing partners has been a huge return on investment.  They are truly the real deal!" CMC-Meridan

Roland Neel, President and CEO Private Label Products, Macon, Georgia
"Allure is a very good rep group for our company Private Label Products.  Allure has succeeded  in opening up new markets for us that have generated large orders.  Private Label Products enjoys a great relationship with Allure, and recommends them as a rep group.

The Allure Group
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