All Laporta’s sentences about the ‘Negreira case’


The president of Barça, John Laportahe concludes his speech with clear conclusions: there is an external investigation where all the results will be explained. In addition, the chief executive lashed out at LaLiga president Javier Tebas for his attempt to destabilize the club. Any attack on the entity’s history will have an obvious response.

John Laporta: “We will not allow them to stain our history”.

John Laporta: “Tebas always appears recurrently to destabilize us. I will not give him the pleasure: FC Barcelona is one of its members. Whoever decides to tarnish the history of the club will have a strong answer”.

John Laporta: “We are conducting an internal investigation and will soon hold a press conference in which we will provide all the information we have”.

John Laporta: “During my first mandate, invoices were made that had documentary support for the requested arbitration services. When we have more information, we will provide it”.

John Laporta: “Neither the Prosecutor’s Office nor the police have informed us that we are in the middle of any investigation”.

John Laporta: “We have decided to outsource the investigation of the ‘Negreira case’: they are doing an independent and rigorous analysis of what happened. This is what the club, its partners and its fans deserve”.


president offered his opinion on the new drone protection system and it is expected that he will offer, once concluded, his version of the events surrounding the ‘Negreira case’.

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