Granville: Dylan will open a high-tech gym

Dylan Breysacher will open an Iron Bodyfit franchise gym in Yquelon (near Granville). (©Poisson Benjamin – Canal side)

Nothing predestined Dylan Breysacher, 31 years old, to become the manager of a new generation gym. “I was a history and geography teacher in Versailles for almost 10 years, and a year ago I thought of retraining. After training to become a business leader, Dylan discovered the concept ofIron Bodyfit.

“The brand was looking to develop its franchise in the region and the opportunity arose in Granville. » The sports pavilion (the 113e of the Iron Bodyfit franchise) will open on February 6, in Yquelon, near Granville.

An innovative concept

Iron Bodyfit, a start-up created in 2015 in Avignon, is inspired by a German concept. In this new generation gym, each athlete must put on a special outfit connected to a machine.

How does it work? “During the session, eight muscle groups will be requested, thanks to electrostimulation. »

Let’s clear things up: electrostimulation requests the muscles thanks to the electrical impulses sent by the electrodes placed in the famous combination.

Thanks to this technology, called Miha Bodytec, you can do the equivalent of 4 hours of sport in just 25 minutes.

Dylan BreysacherManager of Iron Bodyfit gym in Granville

Personalized coach

To carry out these sessions, the athletes are accompanied by a trainer, formed by the franchise, which has its own training center. “During a session, we will link several movements, it is very complete! “says Dylan. In the program: we work the lower body, core, abs, lower back, trapezius and arms.

Upstream, the trainer elaborates a physical balance of the member, which allows to establish a follow-up. “For the session to be effective, in addition to the contractions linked to the electrical impulse, the person must voluntarily contract the muscles, to work the muscle fiber in depth.”

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A sporting activity for everyone

“I think it’s a sport that can affect everyone. Whether you are 35 or 80 years old, everyone can find something for themselves, thanks to specific programs”, announces the former history-geography teacher. Dylan doesn’t see the Iron Bodyfit franchise competing with gyms: “We’re more into wellness sports. »

The brand also guarantees a certain privacy, because the room can only accommodate three members at the same time, in a half-hour slot. “After the session, members can take a shower and have tea at the reception in a nice atmosphere. “For the budget, count 100 euros per month for the annual subscription.

For those interested or intrigued, the room offers a free trial session. “What we offer is a wellness offer, which is aimed either at people who don’t have time or at people who are disgusted by sport,” concludes Dylan.

convenient Iron Bodyfit, 1013, rue de Villedieu, Yquelon, instead of Mademoiselle Granville. Opening on February 6, 2023. Contact: Facebook pageOr in web site.

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