“If Messi comes to MLS, he would be the best signing in American sports.”

02/21/2023 at 19:38


Phil Neville, coach of Inter Miami, believes that if the Argentine arrives he could change the North American league

Leo is currently negotiating his renewal with PSG, but has also been linked with the Beckham-owned franchise.

Phil Neville, coach of Inter Miamione of the Major League Soccer franchises, assured in an interview with ‘The Athletic’ that “If Leo Messi came to the club, it would be the most important signing in the history of sports in the United States”.

When asked if Messi would be a better signing than skin (Cosmos) or even one’s own Beckham (LA Galaxy), Neville was blunt in pointing that out “I think it goes beyond Inter Miami. I think it would be a very important thing for MLS.”.

On this topic, Neville He said that “life is going to change. Things will be different. The trees could have been bigger (around the training ground). Security may need to be tightened. The path the players take to that stadium today may have to be different. The journey may be different. The hotels we stay at may have to be different. But really that may be what we aspire to be anyway. It’s exciting, but I think it would be a big challenge.”.

Currently, however, Messi is negotiating his renewal with PSG and his landing in the United States seems distant, since the talks between the French club and the Argentine are being positive.

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