“I’m not interested in being a lambda NBA player,” says Victor Wembanyama


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France TV

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The young French international answered Fabien Lévêque’s questions on Tout le sport this Tuesday evening.

He is the new nugget of French basketball. Victor Wembanyama, 19 years old, 2.21 m tall and 2.43 m wingspan, was the guest of all sports, Tuesday, February 21. A true phenomenon, qualified as“strangeby American superstar LeBron James, the Metropolitans 92 player spoke about his lofty goals. “It was always a dream to become a great basketball player. When did I know that I was going to be this great player? During college, when you get a little mature, around 11-12 years old. It wasn’t a dream anymore, I had certainties and goals”he explained to Fabien Lévêque.

Before flying to the United States and the prestigious NBA, Victor Wembanyama allows the French championship to have unprecedented exposure. Young international, is “the most incredible French hope that basketball has ever had”Blues manager Vincent Collet said.

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