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The Indian Sport Chief is a new variant of the Chief family that arrives in 2023 showing the most aggressive and sporty side of this saga thanks to some original details.

Information from Indian Sports Chief

O Indian sports chief is a new model that joins the family, thus offering a sporty aspect of this historic and influential saga and that in 2023 it diversifies even more.

To prioritize performance, the Indian sports chief It comes equipped with well-known components. We start with a KYB inverted fork, also fitted to the Challenger, which allows for superior handling and performance. At the back, it is Fox who is responsible for equipping it with a double shock absorber with a separate reservoir with 100 mm of travel and increases the camber angle to 29.5º (31º in the rest of the Chief models). Braking is done by Brembo, with double radial-mounted semi-floating caliper front discs with unquestionable stopping power.

The result is a Indian sports chief with a more aggressive driving ability that allows for greater confidence in the driving experience. It’s not just about looking good components, it’s about taking the performance possibilities of a cruiser motorcycle further.

As for the chassis, it’s built around a multi-tube steel frame that retains the overall “mechanical” style of the bike. Inside we see the 116cc 1890cc Thunderstroke engine finished in black that develops 162Nm of torque.

O first difference that draws the attention of the Indian sports chief it’s the semi-fairing with a small smoked windshield, as well as the machined triple seatpost with a 152mm riser that sets it apart from the rest of the Chief family.

The footrests are at mid-height while the driver sits in a single-seater type seat. gunman, thus adopting a dominant and comfortable posture. The tank holds 15.1 liters of capacity, has alloy wheels with Pirelli Night Dragon tyres, chopped rear fender, dual-sided exhaust, LED lights, smart key and Sport, Standard and Tour driving modes.

The 101 mm TFT touch screen with the Ride Command system deserves special mention. The user can choose between two display modes and enjoy a navigation system step by step. If you’re using an intercom, you can also control the music on the Ride Command system once you’ve paired it with your phone via Bluetooth or USB. You can also access other information such as recent calls, contacts, number pad and text messages. Once paired, incoming calls will be displayed on the screen and you can accept or decline them in the Ride Command system.

Of course, the Indian sports chief 2023 It is an ideal canvas for customization lovers thanks to the catalog of accessories with which to improve performance, comfort or change the style of the bike.

O Indian sports chief 2023 It launches in Black Smoke Black, Ruby Smoke Red and Stealth Grey.

A license is required to drive the Indian Sport Chief

Indian Sports Chief Electronics

  • Full-LED lights.
  • smart key
  • Sport, Standard and Tour driving modes.
  • Cruise control.
  • Ride Command connectivity system with turn-by-turn navigation.
  • USB socket.

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Rivals of the Indian Sport Chief

Tires for the Indian Sport Chief | original measures

Front tire: 130/60-19 61H | rear tire: 180/65-16 81H

Attention: if the time has come to change the tires on your motorcycle, please note that both the measurements, the load code and the speed code must be compatible with those of the original tires. Otherwise, your motorcycle could violate the regulations and you could be fined for it.

Tires compatible with Indian Sport Chief

Attention: The tires we show you are similar to those used by this model, but they may not meet the requirements of the Indian Sport Chief. Remember to check the measurements, load code and speed code with your data sheet before buying your tires.

Indian Sport Chief technical sheet

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