Iniesta and Anna Ortiz star in a beautiful photograph as they await the arrival of their new son

02/21/2023 at 18:36


Iniesta and Anna Ortiz are expecting their fifth child

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Iniesta is possibly one of the most beloved figures in world football. Regardless of the colors, he has always been a public figure with a huge level of social acceptance thanks to his simplicity, calmness and sportsmanship. For this reason, it has a gigantic base of followers that today celebrated one of the most emblematic photographs that He uploaded Fuentealbilla’s to his Instagram account.

The couple already has four children. Paolo, Andrea, Valeria and Siena. Now they await the birth of the youngest of all with impatience but eager to see him born. That’s why they made a beautiful photograph in which they both come out posing in a very beautiful way. In profile and using chiaroscuro to emphasize the womb, Iniesta supports his wife.

The couple received high praise for the photograph. There are those who claim that he is a “new inhabitant of Fuentealbilla” in reference to the hometown of one of the most legendary players of the Spanish National Team and FC Barcelona.

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