LeBron James strike south of Wembanyama

LeBron James has become the top scorer in NBA history, thanks in particular to his longevity in the elite of American basketball. King James’ chance to give two big pieces of advice to who is supposed to become the sport’s next big star: Victor Wembanyama.

LeBron James participated in the 19th All-Star Game of his career. Another mark of his incredible longevity at the highest level of world basketball. From the height of his 38 years and from his experience as a highly anticipated prospect, the one who had been named The chosen one by Sports Illustrated upon his arrival in the NBA in 2003, King James he made it a point to advise the NBA’s future great promise.

“The most important thing about him is to be faithful to this game”

Like him in 2003, Victor the animal is destined to become the number one draft pick and was able to bluff the NBA in their duels against the G-League Ignite Team last October. According to LeBron James, the requests have only just begun Victor the animal. Enough to allow the star of The angels lakers to disclose two specific tips via ESPN. “The most important thing about him is to stay true to this game. I always tell myself personally, ‘I have to give myself completely to this sport.’ I need to practice. I will prepare myself physically, mentally, spiritually for this game, if I want to be one of the greatest. “.

“Don’t forget to have fun, because it quickly turns into a business”

Even in the comments reported by Let’s talk about basketball, LeBron James i wanted to help Victor Of the meat to clearly differentiate between sport and business, since his debut in the NBA. “The second thing is to remember to have fun, because it quickly becomes a business. It becomes a business from the start. He’s already going through this today, and it’s going to be, I won’t say “worse,” but it’s going to be even more demanding for him on the business side. “. We will have to see if Of the meat he will make good use of the advice of the best scorer in history.

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