LeBron’s 2 tips for Wembanyama: “He has to do this and that”

Also considered a very special player when he arrived in the NBA, LeBron James knows the situation of Victor Wembanyama. It’s never easy for a 19-year-old to live together, so the king dedicated himself to distilling some advice to his counterpart. Among them, two are very important for French.

When it comes to hype, there’s little doubt that Victor Wembanyama is the most anticipated prospect in NBA history. That doesn’t mean he has a better future than a Michael Jordan, LeBron James and company, but simply that its potential scares the explorers. Many consider the Frenchman to be the best prospect they have ever overseen.

Victor can be very mature, all only 19 years old, this situation is never easy to handle. He must respond present on the floor with Boulogne-Levallois, while preparing as best as possible for his new life from next June, at the time of the draft. Fortunately, he has the opportunity to cross paths with some legends to help him during this process.

Victor Wembanyama advised by several legends

During the NBA game in Paris in January, between Bulls and Pistons, ESPN revealed that Wemby, for example, met Magic Johnson. The reason is simple: the Frenchman is a big fan of the Lakers legend, in particular thanks to his passing quality. He also greatly admires LeBron James, who may have given him some advice, even according to ESPN.

LeBron James “The most important thing about him is to stay true to this game. I always tell myself personally, ‘I have to dedicate myself completely to this sport.’ I need to practice. I will prepare myself physically, mentally, spiritually for this game, if I want to be one of the greatest. »

“The second thing is to remember to have fun, because it quickly becomes a business. It becomes a business from the start. He’s already going through this today, and it’s going to be, I won’t say “worse,” but it’s going to be even more demanding for him on the business side. »

Indeed, one does not have to wait for Wembanyama’s arrival in the NBA to be wooed. There is no doubt that brands are already trying to snatch the Frenchman even before his draft, but at the moment nothing has been signed. Whatever happens, Victor must take the King’s advice very seriously, having been through this for 20 years now.

If LeBron James has a chance to give you any advice, whether it’s basketball or business, don’t hesitate. The experience of the King can only be beneficial for Victor Wembanyama, who knows that the coming months will be very hectic. I hope everything is going well for you.

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