Liverpool – Champion of Real Madrid

On 02/22/2023 at 00:17

Courtois got the second goal from Salah in the tray and Alisson did the same with Vinicius, who equalized

Both made serious mistakes that reminded those of the German goalkeeper in the 2018 final, also between Liverpool and Madrid

Loris Karius He was very present at Anfield. And not only because he was physically on the bench for Liverpool, in the round of 16 of the Champions League against Real Madrid. But because the goalkeepers of both teams, Courtois and Alisson, made serious mistakes that cost goals and that reminded the performance of the German in the final of 2018 between the two teams.

Liverpool went ahead with a bit of Darwin Nunezwhich ended a center of Salah. White defense error, praise The center of the Egyptian was looked at from afar and the Uruguayan won the back military. But Courtois I could do more in a very focused shot.

Minutes later, the Belgian goalkeeper took the second in a tray. He had the leather in control to start the game, but it slipped away and let the auctioneer run wild Salah. An action that remembered the warrior of the 2018 Champions League final.

and after that vinicius cut distances, it was Alison which gave Real Madrid the draw. Your pass stops joe gomez hit the foot of vinicius and entered the goal. E warriorspectator on the bench.

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