Pat Beverley joins the Bulls

Like the Clippers with Russell Westbrook or the Heat with Kevin Love, the Bulls have made their market on the cut players in recent days. In Chicago, we really needed a playmaker in the absence of Lonzo Ball, and their choice fell on Patrick Beverley.

It’s a homecoming for the barkiest of NBA players as the former Rockets and Wolves point guard was born in Chicago and went to school there. A native of the country whose character fits perfectly with the spirit of the city, Billy Donovan hopes to bring all his grit to a very disappointing lineup this season with a record of 26 wins and 33 losses.

Court of Goran Dragic?

At 34, Beverley has the distinction of making the playoffs wherever he goes, whether it’s Houston, the LA Clippers or Minnesota. This season, he had been recruited by the Lakers to take the defense to position 1, and had relegated Russell Westbrook to the bench. Not enough to avoid being traded as the Lakers parted ways late at the “trade deadline” to bring back D’Angelo Russell.

Returning to Minnesota, which traded him last July, he had negotiated his exit and returned to Chicago. His arrival will be unhappy as the Bulls are forced to part with a player to make room for him. It’s Goran Dragic who could pay the price.

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