Renault Sport Spider: the story of the curious French barchetta

he Renault Sport Spider It’s a pretty weird icon. One of those classic cars that is rarely seen and that not everyone likes, but when it appears at an event it steals all the attention. A curious sports car from a previous era in which Renault dared with everything.

Old glories: this is the story of the Renault Clio Williams

The key to this little one little boat it was the first Renault Sport officially, in an attempt by the brand to impress the public with technology derived from Formula 1. The Renault Espace with V10 engine or the Clio Williams I am a good example of that…

When looking at the Renault Sport Spider, it seems that we were in front of a Lotus. And it is that the concept of the British brand and the big one Colin Chapman It can be exported to many areas. So the rhombus decided to innovate.

Renault Sport Spider: a small car with a lot of presence

The design of the convertible was really interesting. It measured 3,795 mm in length, 1,830 mm in width and 1,250 mm in height. with an empty weight of 930 kg. Completely outdoors and without windshieldwhich required by law its two occupants to wear a helmet.

Although, this crystal was offered as a bonus. Otherwise, the concept was clear: the essential for running. Because that was going to be his main task, to appear in a competition organized by the brand as the well-known one clio cup.

so none of assisted steering the heating she aluminum chassis to minimize its weight. Because it didn’t have it, it didn’t even have handles on the doors, because if it’s a convertible… You put your hand in the interior and open from the inside Everything was thought out.

In it cabin some stood out Recaro seats baquet and the absence of upholstery, beyond the center console and a portion of the door panels. The rest, aluminum and bare metal. It couldn’t be simpler.

It presented F7R 2.0 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 engine annex aa 5-speed manual gearbox. The block was derived precisely from the Clio Williams and the Renault Megane Coupe and produced 150 hp and little more than 160 Nm of maximum torque.

The car was produced between 1996 and 1997 with some 1,800 units that actually it can reach 70,000 euros In the second-hand market, they do have a few kilometers and with the bonus of the integrated windshield, which gives a little more peace of mind. One last!

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