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What are the top 5 NHL players who scored 20 goals in 2016?

NHL.com’s Elliotte Friedman joins the show to give us a list of the top five NHL players to score 20 goals during the 2016-17 season.

This list includes all players who had at least 20 goals, or scored a total of 20 goals for the entire season, as well as the top 20 players overall. 

The list also includes all goal scorers for each team in the NHL, as opposed to just the top 10.

The NHL All-Star game will take place on Feb. 2 in Nashville, Tennessee, where the players will be joined by head coach Bruce Boudreau and other top personnel for the first time. 

Here is the full list of top players in the 2016 NHL All Star game: NHL All-Stars Player Team Position Age Points/Game (GM) Scott Hartnell Columbus Blue Jackets 19 2 20 N/A Tyler Seguin Dallas Stars 19 21 20  N/a Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks 20 21 21  N. Jonathan Toews Chicago Blackhawks  21 21 22 N.  Matt Duchene Arizona Coyotes 21 22 22  N Bryan Little Buffalo Sabres 21 21  22  N Dylan Larkin Colorado Avalanche 21 20 20  A. Mike Ribeiro Florida Panthers 21 22    N Matt Duchesne Edmonton Oilers 21 23 22  N. J. Travis Konecny Minnesota Wild 21   22     A Patrick Kane Toronto Maple Leafs 22 23 23 N . 

Antti Raanta Pittsburgh Penguins 22 22 23  B. Derek Stepan Carolina Hurricanes 22 21 23  C. Patrick Marleau Montreal Canadiens 22 20 21  D. Matt Ducys Detroit Red Wings 22 19 20    E. Alex Ovechkin Washington Capitals 22 24 24 N   Vladimir Tarasenko St. Louis Blues 22 25 25 N  Jamie Benn Dallas Stars  22 25   N

How to convert the Bible into a digital version for the iPad and other devices (PDF)

The next generation of books has arrived, and a new generation of developers is working on bringing the Bible to the iPad.

This week we bring you the stories of the 1619 project, a project that created a digital Bible that converts the Bible’s text into HTML and PDF format for the tablet.

The 1619 Bible, published by Open Book Project, was a project launched by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Free Church of England, as well as the United States and Canada.

The Bible project began in December 2012, and the iPad version of the Bible was released in May 2013.

We got to know the 1620 project a little more in June 2014, when we started to see articles about its creation on our news feed.

The project’s creator, Matt Bickford, is a member of the Free Bible Society and the Church’s First Presidency.

He was inspired to start this project because of the growing popularity of digital media in the Bible Belt.

Bickfford has spent the past decade studying the Bible, and he hopes to share his work with the world through this project.

We asked Bickfords wife, Kelly, to give us a tour of his project.

Kelly Bickflos was kind enough to share her story.

How did you get involved in this project?

I’m glad you asked.

I was at work and had a bad day and was trying to finish up my project.

I went home and went online and started looking for ideas for the project.

When I came across the 1617 Bible, I had no idea what to do with it, but I decided to try to convert it.

I had been working with Open Book Projects for a while and knew that I had to get started.

I started looking into the 1618 Bible and the 1622 Bible, but they were a bit more of a work in progress, too.

When they were finished, I was able to get the 1623 Bible and convert it to HTML and print.

That was my first experience with converting a book to a format that can be printed and distributed.

Can you tell us about the 1621 Bible?

When we first started working on this project, we thought that it would be a little easier to create a conversion book than a conversion document.

The first step was to download the 1616 Bible and upload it to our server.

I could then create a document that would go in the app.

After that, I created a conversion PDF.

Then I converted the PDF to HTML.

It took us about a week to convert this project to HTML, but once we were finished with that process, we could get the conversion book ready for publication.

How many people have created a Bible conversion program before?

We started with six people, and we have a growing team of people working on the 1611 project.

Why did you want to do this?

The 1621 project was inspired by the growing demand for digital media, and many of our readers are more than interested in reading the Bible in HTML and then converting it to PDF format.

This was an opportunity for the Free church to get a digital conversion program that was portable and easy to use.

I think that this will encourage people to start converting their Bible and it will also encourage others to start creating their own digital Bible conversions.

What was the first thing you converted?

I started by converting the 1615 Bible into HTML.

I downloaded it and converted it to a PDF.

I also converted the 1628 Bible into an HTML document.

I have also converted a few other older documents to HTML as well.

What did you find most difficult about converting this project into a format you could distribute?

The first thing that we found difficult about the conversion process was that it took us so long.

After the conversion of the 1516 Bible, we were already looking at a lot of different formats for the conversion.

For example, the 1610 Bible was a PDF, but the 1613 Bible had to be converted to HTML in order to be printed.

This made the conversion a bit complicated.

After we converted the 1729 Bible, the conversion was very simple, but it took another couple of weeks to complete the conversion to HTML format.

What is the biggest challenge in creating this project right now?

We are a small team of four people.

We have a lot to learn about converting a digital document.

As we learned more about converting the Bible and we started working with the team that was already working on converting this, we realized that we would have to be a lot more creative.

The biggest challenge is that we were working with a new team and they were very inexperienced with the process.

We wanted to give them the tools they needed to be able to help us with this.

The team that we hired has experience working on conversions for large organizations, including the United Nations, the Vatican, the U.S. military, and other international


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