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The Bibles Project, a new video project by the Bibles project, aims to bring the Bible into the public sphere via videos and books.

The Bible Project, created by a group of evangelical Christians, has been around for years, but it’s the first time it has ever been used to bring a Bible into public sphere.

“We wanted to bring [Bible] into the modern world,” said Andrew Czapnick, who founded the group in 2014.

“It’s not just a church, it’s a new medium that can help us engage people in a more effective way.

That’s really what we wanted to achieve.”

The project will start out as a series of videos, then expand into a book called “The Bible Project,” which will contain a collection of short stories and essays by evangelical Christian authors, including Andrew C. Czappas, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Biblical Research and the founder of the Bible Project.

The book will also include the first video from the Bible Project.

“People will watch it and say, ‘That’s great!

You’re using the Bible,'” Czapek said.

“The first video will go up around April, and the other videos will go on in phases.”

The first of the short stories will be called “A Word to All of the Blind.”

It will be a series about “seeing the light.”

In the video, a blind man named Timmy is told to look up a word in a Bible verse.

“That’s how he’s going to learn how to read the Bible,” Czapes said.

“The idea is that people can then see how that word is being used in the Bible and see the meaning,” he said.

Czesak said he and Czappa want to bring some of the most influential religious texts into the realm of public discourse.

“Our hope is to make the Bible more accessible, so people can see the Bible as it is,” Czesac said.

In the video series, which will be produced by the Bible project, Czesas said the Bible is meant to be read and understood in its entirety.

“You can read it and understand it as a whole.

But that doesn’t mean you have to know the entire text,” he added.

“There are passages in there that will give you a better understanding of it and make it more accessible.”

Czesas and Czesapack say the videos will be free of profanity and are aimed at reaching out to those who may not be familiar with the Bible or its message.

The videos are intended to show the Bible in a new light, one that might not be as familiar to the average person, he said, and to help spread the Bible’s message in a way that is accessible and non-threatening to people.

“We’re looking for young people,” Czeas said.

The first video, which is slated to debut in April, will focus on “How to Read the Bible.”

The second video, slated to launch in June, will examine “A Prayer for the Blind,” which is about how to “help blind people” by giving them a biblical reading.

Czesapacks vision for the project has been to use video to reach out to people who may have missed the message of the Scriptures, but “we’re really looking for people to share the Bible with their friends,” he told the Christian Post.

“So we’re looking to make it accessible to people.”

Czapack said that his hope is that the videos have an impact.

“I think that the video will help bring people to the Bible, and I think that it will bring them to the Gospel,” he explained.

“And that’s the hope that I have, that the Bible will reach people.”


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