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How to keep your bike on the mountain

A new mountain bike trail system in northern New Zealand is getting the nod for its ability to withstand a high-speed crash.

The project is being developed by the South Island Tourism Board (SIMB) and involves the use of an innovative steel construction system and the installation of a large “tandem suspension” that allows the bike to ride up a steep slope, according to the SIMB.

The bike, known as the “Tandem Mountain Bike,” is expected to go into operation in 2019.

“The suspension is actually one of the most advanced systems I’ve ever seen,” SIMB managing director and director of mountain bike operations, Richard Cairns, said in a press release.

“We are hoping to bring the Tandem Mountain bike to the public as early as 2018.”

Cairns explained that the TBM has been designed to allow the rider to move from a relatively flat spot to a slightly more challenging position that is easier to climb up.

The system also allows for an increased load-bearing capacity that can increase the ride comfort, which the SIMIB said is “essential” in a mountain biking scenario where a rider is at a greater risk of injury.SIMB hopes that the bike’s unique suspension design will allow the bike and rider to operate safely on the “high-speed” parts of the mountain, such as the ridgeline and rocks, while keeping the rider at the safe distance of the “moderate” parts.

According to the plan, the TAMB would be installed along the “motorized cycleway” at the top of the Kauri Mountain, which is the highest peak in New Zealand.

Cairnes said the project is expected cost about $50 million.

The TAMb is expected be used for training and for the “off-road cycling” aspect of the project.

The SIMB has been working on the project since 2009, but it wasn’t until the start of 2018 that the project became a reality.

Cairs told The Telegraph that the design and construction is not just about creating a high performance bike for New Zealanders, but also a transportation system for the country’s mountain biking enthusiasts.

“There’s a lot of infrastructure in the country that’s not yet accessible to us,” Cairnas said.

“So the idea is to build a bike for those who are looking to travel on a mountain bike and not necessarily the people who can afford a rental bike.”

According to Cairn, the development of the Tammys new suspension system is the result of a collaborative partnership between SIMB and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

“The Tandem is a really good idea that’s got a lot going for it,” he said.

The Tammies suspension system will be tested on a variety of terrain and in both a snow and a wet condition.

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