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What you need to know about the $1.9 billion Utah salt river project

Salt River Project developer Trevor Project announced Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to purchase two major properties at the base of the proposed Salt River, Utah, salt river, for $1,966,000.

The sale of the properties at 2201 and 2201-2200 W. 2nd St., which include two historic buildings and a historic building that once stood next to the Salt River and a salt-storage facility, is the first of several major acquisitions in the next two years.

The properties are valued at $1 million each.

The Salt River is an important waterway and economic driver for the state, and the new development at 2200 and 2200 W., as well as the new two-tower residential tower on 2nd Street, will help ensure that Salt River residents have access to water for showers, drinking and recreational use.

“The development of these properties will provide long-term economic benefits to the communities along the Salt Stream,” said John L. Burt, Salt River project manager, in a statement.

Burt added that the new properties will be available for use in the future. “

Our goal is to build a sustainable and safe environment for future generations.”

Burt added that the new properties will be available for use in the future.

The development of the Salt and Salt River Water Conservation District (RSWD) Salt River District is expected to create at least one new job for each of the property owners.

Birt said that the company will continue to build on its current strategy of working with the city and county to create a strong, diverse community in Salt River.

“RSWD is focused on creating jobs and economic development opportunities for residents and the surrounding communities,” he said.

The developer plans to construct a mixed-use development with approximately 300 apartments, restaurants and a hotel at the site of the former Salt Storage Facility.

The company also plans to open a second Salt River building, a mixed use complex, on the site.

The developers said that they will not be selling the properties to a developer that will build a similar development.

The Utah Department of Transportation will work with the developers to determine how the project will impact the community.


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