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Which projects are gaining the most progressive traction on the 2016 election cycle?

On November 4, President Obama will leave office with a historic midterm victory, and a stunning victory for the progressive cause.

But a key piece of his legacy will be what he will leave behind.

The progressive cause has always been a core tenet of American politics, and now, the stakes are sky high.

So what’s next for the Progressive Victory Project?

This week, we’ve got some important developments to share.

The Progressive Victory project has been quietly developing a platform for the 2020 elections.

Its goal is to build a political revolution that can put progressive ideas into the national consciousness.

The platform will be a combination of progressive ideas and progressive policy.

Its mission is to provide a comprehensive platform to the public and progressive candidates to explain progressive ideas to voters.

This platform is designed to be easy for progressive leaders to understand, and will be delivered in an accessible way that engages people across the political spectrum.

A key part of this effort is the inclusion of progressive issues, ideas, and perspectives in every election.

The 2020 election is the first time in our lifetimes that the 2020 election will be truly progressive, and it is a great opportunity for us to show the country that we are still the largest voting bloc in our country.

The project has already made progress on a few key progressive issues.

Our 2020 platform includes the following: 1.

Guaranteed Income: The platform calls for the creation of a guaranteed income guarantee that would provide every American a minimum monthly income, with an emphasis on women and people of color.

We want to empower women and women of color, to expand access to healthcare and social services, and to invest in programs that build a better future for our kids.


Ending Income Inequality: The Progressive Electoral Victory Project has also worked to make progress on ending income inequality, and has released a new report detailing our findings on this issue.


Ending the Death Penalty: The 2020 platform calls on the Supreme Court to overturn the death penalty, and urges states to abolish it.

This will help ensure that our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren will be able to live with dignity and peace.


Creating a National Voting Rights Initiative: We’ve already seen that progressive policies can lead to significant progress on voting rights.

In the 2020 midterm elections, progressive turnout rates increased for the first in a long time.

However, there are a few important challenges that still need to be addressed: 5.

Making Voting Access Easier: The progressive platform also includes a plan to make voting more accessible to people of all races and ethnicities.

The plan calls for expanding voter registration, requiring voters to provide photo identification, and requiring provisional ballots for some states.


Reducing Voter Disenfranchisement: We believe that we need to make it harder for people to vote, and that the most effective way to achieve that is through improving voting rights and voter registration.

The goal is a universal, automatic, and fair voting system that ensures everyone has a right to vote.


Empowering Women: We need to empower all women to participate in American politics.

The 2016 elections are a turning point in women’s rights, and we believe that 2020 is a critical time to make the country more inclusive of women.


Protecting LGBT Rights: The PVP will also work to protect LGBT rights.

This includes opposing discriminatory policies that discriminate against people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.


Embracing Community: The goal of this project is to empower communities across the country to elect progressive candidates for office, so that our voices are heard, our hopes are realized, and the progress we’ve made is shared by the nation.

How to Build a Virtual Reality Platform for the Real World

The world of virtual reality is a fascinating, challenging and sometimes frustrating place.

But in an industry where a virtual world is the next big thing, it is also a great way to get creative.

That’s the case with the latest virtual reality project from a company that aims to revolutionize the way we experience a game.

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that uses special cameras and sensors to give users a virtual view of the world around them.

Its makers, HTC and Valve, hope to one day bring that technology to other applications that are not as dependent on a physical environment.

But for now, the Rift is just a toy for now.

The headset will be out later this year for $800, and HTC says it’s still looking for backers for the $3,000 headset, which includes a pair of controllers and the Oculus Rift app for Windows and Mac.

It has received some enthusiastic responses.

“People are saying, ‘I can see this happening.

It’s very interesting, it’s exciting, it really is a game changer,'” said Adam Davidson, a partner at New York-based consultancy DLA Piper.

That enthusiasm stems from the fact that the Rift isn’t entirely new.

The company’s previous headset, the Gear VR, was launched in 2013.

And before that, Valve launched a headset called the DK2 in 2013 that was largely similar to the Rift.

But Oculus’ approach to the headset is unique.

It builds on what it’s already known about VR headsets.

For example, the headset uses a special camera that detects when the user moves its head, and then it uses a combination of sensors to adjust the camera and image in real time.

It also uses a camera system that looks at the distance between the user and the virtual world and uses those distance measurements to determine the orientation of the head.

This allows the headset to project the virtual environment and other objects in a way that is virtually indistinguishable from real life.

That means the headset can be used for virtually any kind of game, from a shooter to a first-person shooter.

Oculus is aiming to build a similar system into the Oculus Home, a smart home headset that was launched earlier this year and is being developed by another company.

The system, called Home, is similar to other smart home devices that connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

It will be used to control your home automation systems.

The developers of the Oculus app say they want to bring that system to the virtual reality world as well.

The new Oculus app includes a game that uses the Rift, and it’s a game about moving around inside a virtual environment.

You’ll need a controller to play, and you’ll need to connect your Rift to a PC using Bluetooth, which means you’ll be playing a game on a PC connected to your wireless router.

You will be able to use your controller to move objects around the environment.

That will allow you to move the camera around and look around inside your environment, so you can look at different objects that are there and see what’s behind them.

You can even rotate the camera to look around the scene in other directions, like forward or backward.

The game will be playable for 10 hours at a time.

The developer says that’s because the Oculus VR system doesn’t have any built-in sensors, so there is no need for a physical camera.

That said, the developer also says the system uses a lot of sensors that it’s built into the headset itself.

The app includes an “eye tracking camera,” a gyroscope, and a microphone, so it’s possible to see what you’re doing in a virtual space.

The team behind the Oculus App has been working on the Oculus Oculus Home for a year, and the latest version of the app includes new features.

In the latest release, there are also new features like real-time audio that can help players in VR tell if a virtual object is moving around.

The latest update also includes support for Oculus’ Oculus SDK, which enables developers to add virtual reality-specific apps to their apps.

That includes things like a “game jam,” where people who want to make apps for the Oculus headset can come up with ideas that are based on the game they’re developing, rather than on the Rift hardware itself.

It is also important to note that the Oculus SDK has already been used in a number of apps, including for the HTC Vive.

The HTC Vive, a virtual-reality headset that’s sold for about $800 and works with the Oculus software, is expected to be released this fall.

But Davidson said that while the Rift might be useful for first-time developers, it could also become a great tool for developers looking to make games.

“There’s going to be a lot more developers using it,” he said.

Davidson added that he hopes the Oculus platform will help bring virtual reality to a whole new set of people.

“We want to take this technology to the next level and


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