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What we know about the Hazel project and the new solar project in Denver

With no solar panels on the rooftop, the project’s owner is putting up a new roof.

“This project is going to save lives,” said Mark Smith, who has a $1.5 million investment in the project.

The project is slated to begin construction in early 2020.

We don’t know what’s going to happen yet, but it’s a great example of how we can use renewable energy,” Smith said.

Construction began in late November.

Hazel was originally built to create an energy-saving, energy-efficient roof, but Smith and the other investors in the solar project are investing in a new product, one that has a lower cost per watt of energy.

With the new system, a solar panel on the roof will generate a certain amount of energy per year.

It’s what happens when you use less energy.

And that’s the way it works, Smith said, explaining that a solar-powered roof doesn’t require a lot of electricity to generate electricity.

Smith said he’s been excited to see the project grow.

This project really is going up in the sky, and the energy savings that you get with this project are going to help a lot more people in the future,” Smith told WTOP.

He added, “I really like the idea of making money out of solar, because it’s going toward things like education, it’s helping to alleviate some of the poverty that exists in the world.”

Smith has been a fan of the Hazels since he saw them in a backyard garden in 2013.

I’ve been an avid customer for a long time, Smith told NBC Denver.

He said he would never have believed it before, but he is very excited about the project and its potential to help the planet.

“When you look at the world that we live in right now, I feel like we’ve been left behind,” Smith explained.

“Solar is really something that we could do and could be a part of that.

We just have to do it the right way.”

The Hazels project has been on the drawing board for a while.

It was originally a pilot project by Smith’s company, Solar Edge, but the company went bankrupt in 2013 and was bought by another company.

Smith said the company is still working to get it going again, and he said the solar panel system will also be installed at a public park near the project site.

The Hazel rooftop solar system is expected to cost about $5,000 per kW, and it’s also expected to generate about 50 percent of the energy that it costs to produce on the average residential rooftop, Smith added.

The company’s first Solar Edge project in Colorado was completed in 2014, and Solar Edge was bought out by SunEdison in 2015.

The company’s other projects include the SunEdisons new solar farm in Massachusetts and the Colorado Springs-based Solar Power Systems solar project.

When the Clippers go up, it’s a win for everyone

The Clippers have had their fair share of ups and downs in recent years, but they’re still the team that could end up being the biggest surprise of the season.

They have a chance to repeat as champions.

If they do, they will take home a second title in three seasons.

The NBA is still a new thing for the Clippers, and while they haven’t won a title since the 2013-14 season, they have made a lot of progress.

This time around, however, they won’t be able to be as dominant as they were a year ago, but that won’t stop them from making a deep run.

The biggest question heading into the All-Star break is whether Blake Griffin will be able get his body healthy.

He missed the entire season because of a torn ACL.

The team was able to bring him back last week, but he hasn’t been 100 percent since then.

The Clippers have a great roster.

They drafted a solid big man in Paul, a good defensive big in Jamal Crawford, a young guard in D’Angelo Russell, a budding center in Jamal Murray, and a budding shooting guard in Chris Paul.

It’s a lot to expect from the Clippers when you’re looking at their roster this year.

But the fact that they’re finally healthy is going to help the Clippers get back on track.

This article has been updated to correct the pronunciation of Griffin’s last name.


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