The networks explode after a fan was caught giving out Pedri’s phone number

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It happened during a players’ event with the ‘FC Barcelona Players’ Association’

The same image that Gavi starred in a few months ago is repeated

In these times where everyone has a cell phone at handThere are certain moments that are impossible to miss. It already happened to Gavi and Pedri went back to an act of the ‘Agrupació de Players del FC Barcelona’.

The canary received a ‘note’ from a fan who wanted to be photographed with him. It’s obviously impossible to know whether it’s your phone number, your Instagram account, or a dedication or other message. Pedri took it elegantly.

as we said, this kind of thing has happened all my life. Both Pedri and Gavi are real idols and obviously many people want to get closer to them, get to know them better or send them messages and requests personally. Before it was not seen so much because we did not live in the age of social networks but now any movement is public and notorious.

The moment of exchange

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The video was widely shared and discussed on social media and brought with it an inexhaustible amount of all kinds of memes and comments. At that event, Pedri received the Barça Players Award, which has been awarded by the FC Barcelona Players’ Association since 2010, where he explained that He has recovered favorably from the injury and is having a “worse” time off the field than on it.

The Canarian midfielder explained at the event, held at Auditori 1899, that “It was a big blow because I was in really good shape, but I’m recovering and I hope to be back soon to help the team.”

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