These Senegalese players who made NBA history, Gorgui Sy Dieng, Tacko Fall…

Elaborating a list of Senegalese who marked the history of the NBA in their own way, Trash talk he didn’t do it half-heartedly. So, among the twelve basketball players who have had the privilege of stepping on the floors of the biggest basketball league in the world, some are striking.

Mamadou Ndiaye

First there is the forerunner, which later paved the way for other Senegalese basketball players in the NBA. This is Mamadou Ndiaye. In fact, it is in Pittsfield more precisely at Auburn University where the slender 2m13 basketball player stood out especially for his defensive skills. Strong against, Mamadou Ndiaye will be the Senegalese evolved in the NBA after being recruited by the Nuggets in 2000, but it is with the Raptors that he will make a name for himself.

Gorgui Sy Dieng

Still active and a key player for the Senegalese national team, Gorgui Sy Dieng is also one of the Senegalese players who made NBA history. Selected by the Jazz in 2013 then loaned to the Wolves Gorgui Sy will draw attention by scoring 22 points and 21 rebounds during his first season. After a grace period, you will be kicked out. He then took charge of Memphis and then the San Antonio Spurs where he currently plays.

Ngagne Dessagana Diop

Senegal A coach Ngagne Dessagana Diop has also served his time in the NBA. Born in Dakar, he made himself known in a special register: the defense. At the age of eighteen, he was drafted by the Cavs as the eighth pick, making him the highest drafted player in Senegalese history. An excellent blocker, he will later join the Mavericks, with whom he will go to the NBA finals in 2006 against the Miami Heat. Ngagne Dessagana Diop will retire from the Bobcats in 2013 after a short stint with the Nets. He has since become a coach who is on the Jazz and Rockets staffs. He currently manages the New York League, the Westchester Knicks. A position that combines with that of coach of the lions.

George Niang

Binational born in the United States, Georges Niang made a name for himself very early thanks to his precocious game. His talent will see him join the Warriors in 2018 and then Utah. It will regain stability there, but not for long. In 2021, he signed a two-forward deal with the Sixers and said he only dreamed of joining the Senegal national team.

Thank you Fall

We can’t mention the Senegalese who made NBA history without mentioning Tacko Fall. From the height of his 2m29, Tacko stood out in the American league for his highlights. Left to the United States to study, Tacko becomes the best player in history to play in the NCAA. He spent 4 years there, aiming to become an engineer, and finally appeared in the Draft in 2019. Undrafted, he nevertheless signed several small contracts with the Celtics before joining Cleveland for one season. Today, Tacko Fall is evolving in China.

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