This high-end Garmin watch is perfect for sports fans

If you want to get back into the sport while improving your performance, this Garmin connected watch at a very low price on Cdiscount will be perfect.

Often, when you want to do sports, you also want to know your statistics so that you can follow a training tailored to your goals. This is timely because this watch Garmin Fenix ​​​​​​​​6 Pro black take advantage of a price drop at Cdiscount. It is thus presented at 512.83 euros with a price drop of 133 euros.

But be careful because this good offer will not be available on the site for long. Also affordable from 131 euros per month, now you can easily order it without using your savings. Elegant with its sporty appearance, it is suitable for both men and women. Waterproof, it can resist water and wear sometimes in the rain or underwater if you practice swimming.

This watch is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, come to think of it

Download maps and plans of more than 2000 ski resorts worldwide to customize your workouts and never get lost. Your watch gives you accurate heart rate and pulse oximetry readings to give you a clearer picture of how your physical activity is affecting your body. Plus, it’s crafted with cut sapphire crystal to resist scratches and look new for longer. Run to your favorite music by syncing your streaming apps without taking your phone with you. With a longevity of 14 days without recharging, you can enjoy it without thinking about carrying a charging cable with you. Live an adventure with this Fenix ​​​​6 Pro watch for less than 550 euros at Cdiscount. It will analyze your sleep phases to help you sleep well, calculate calories burned and prove to be an indispensable assistant in keeping you fit.

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