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02/22/2023 at 00:33


‘Laporta goes on the attack’ is the headline on SPORT’s cover after the Barcelona president’s answers on the ‘Negreira Case’ and Javier Tebas

Madrid’s triumphal walk at Anfield

‘Laporta goes on the attack’ is the headline of SPORT after the Barça president’s answers about the ‘The Negreira Case’ already Javier Tebas On the arbitration controversy, Laporta was clear: “We want to give all the explanations”, while he accused the president of LaLiga of “having a phobia of Barça”.

In addition, he also revealed a summit of the door with the father of Leo Messi which took place last week, ahead of Barça’s game against Manchester United.

In the Champions League, Real Madrid will do it walk at Anfield, and despite starting 2-0 down, managed to score five goals to end the 2-5 final and got a foot and a half in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. For his part, he Naples they beat Eintracht 0-2 in Frankfurt and also put them on course for the next round.

Back to Barça, Ferran Torres He took stock of his last months and made a self-criticism: “I hit rock bottom.”

Finally, Dani Alves will remain in prison having denied probation.

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