This Toshiba 4K TV – 165 cm is taking advantage of a very interesting discount right here

Cheap TVs are not common on the high street, so when a low-cost offer comes along, you have to take advantage of it, as is the case with Cdiscount at the moment.

Cdiscount offers you a price that you won’t be able to refuse this Toshiba TV. This product saw its price drop from 581 euros to 469.99 euros. But the discount of 111 euros is not the only advantage you will get to buy the TV on the Cdiscount website.

In fact, this TV has unmatched features and a quality display. 75 people rate it over 4 out of 5 stars, enough to make you want to order it ASAP. Also accessible from 120 euros per month, it’s your turn to buy it at the best price. Also, you can enjoy 4 months free on the Deezer app after purchase.

Let yourself be tempted by this Toshiba TV for less than 500 euros

Immerse yourself in the heart of your programs with its 65-inch screen ideal for large rooms. Its 4K UHD technology is even more accurate than Full HD and has more pixels so that the image on the screen is clear and sharp. The sound will also be deep and harmonious with the Dolby Atmos system it is equipped with. This smart TV for less than 500 euros on Cdiscount will allow you to enjoy programs and movies providing an immersive dimension. Access endless apps and programs with its smart TV feature. YouTube videos or subscription Netflix series will be cast directly from your TV. Also, benefit from various dedicated modes such as sports or cinema mode to live each moment with more intensity. With Google or Alexa assistants, controlling it and your connected home automation devices by voice is child’s play.

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