“Today I think the playoff is over”

02/22/2023 at 00:22


The Liverpool coach praised Nacho’s good performance in front of the press

Klopp: “You have to play 95 minutes like in the first half”

Jurgen Klopp, coach of liverpool, he assured that “right now” the tie is finished, but he warned that there are three weeks until the return to the Santiago Bernabéu.

“I think the playoff is over right now. We’ll see in three weeks. A defeat is a defeat, what I tell the players is that they have to learn from it. We have to improve a lot, but we also have to take the good things with us, now we have a difficult game against Crystal Palace and there are three weeks until the return,” said Klopp in a press conference.

Asked about the keys to the defeat, Klopp mentioned the entry of Nacho Fernandez as one of the most important moments. “Nacho came out and it was incredible. That’s why he’s been playing for Real Madrid for so many years. Because of that defensive level,” added the German coach.

“Our start to the game was impressive. We were on a bubble. Exactly how we wanted to start. Then they scored on us. We gave away five goals. The first goal we were very passive, we didn’t chase them. The second was a mistake. It shouldn’t happen, but it can. 3-2, as we defend, is not good. It was already 3-2 and that result doesn’t help against a team that is fantastic on the counter-attack.”

“They took a lot of confidence and scored good goals for us. One of the rebounds, that’s all there is. We couldn’t recover the course of the game anymore.” You have to play for the 95 minutes like in the first half. We have to keep the ‘momentum’, we lost it and we can’t get it back.”

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