what new cars on the diamond (2023-2025)?

come in news etc reforms of future models, the builders calendar it can be confusing at times. That’s why the Auto-Journal review the calendars of the main brands cars with which you have reserved new products In the coming months.

2023 will be busy for Renault

The diamond brand, Peugeot’s number 1 rival in the French market, was busy in 2022 with the release of two models which we continue to cover in detail in these columns.

The first, the Mégane E-Tech, became one of them spearheads of Renault in the segmentelectric. The second, the Austral, revives the manufacturer’s ambitions in terms of Family SUVs.

Refurbished Renault Clio (2023)

As for the replenishment, 2023 will see the arrival of a new one Refurbished Renault Clio. The city car really plans to change its Illuminated “C” signature on front for the benefit of LED lights.

We will still have to wait to learn more about the new features that this revised Clio will hide. In addition to the visual of the front part, the range of engines should stay no changes

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Renault Espace SUV (2023)

Sacrificing the fashion trends in the market, the Renault Espacein circulation since 1983will swap your character minivan become one SUV crossover. The brand announces a new sixth-generation model that will debut in the spring of 2023.

At the time of writing these lines, the first information has been distilled drop by drop by the diamond. We know that this new space however, it will stand out from its predecessors based on a body inspired by Australia, which he will share The CMF-CD architecture.

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Renault Megane RS Ultimate (2023)

How The Auto Journal I told you about it here, Renault could not close two decades of sports history without a last one Megane RS to find out here.

This last representative in the history of Renault Sport, became Alpine Cars in 2021is based on Megane RS Trophy and will be produced in limited series of 1,976 copies (in a nod to 1976, the year the competition service was created).

Remodeled Renault Captur / Captur “long” (2023-2024)

A little further back in time, here are ours latest information about the future restyling of the Renault Captur. The urban SUV, which is in its 2th generation from 2019, one should be allowed consequential reform in the second half of 2023, for a launch by 2024, as well as a long version replacing the Scénic.

The cosmetic changes will mainly focus on the front end. The design will be inspired by the Vision Scénic concept and the recent Austral. You will therefore receive slimmer full LED headlightstriangular bumper air intakes and a new grid that receives the new diamond.

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Renault Scenic e-Tech (2023-2024)

As for the future Scénic, we will have to wait until the end of 2023 to appreciate the final lines, although the concept car Scénic Vision boasts of being very close to the design of the production car.

Forget theconceptual interior best scheduled for 2028 as well as its hydrogen traction chain (at best in 2030…). The “real” Scénic will be based on the Mégane E-Tech platform with a extended wheelbase stop 2.83m against 2.68m in the sedan

He will borrow from the latter the pull chain with, optionally, two electric machines of 130 and 220 CV and two battery packs of 40 and 60 kWh. Unless Renault simplifies its autonomy with the only 60 kWh battery.

It is true that the Scénic, 100% electric, will have to live with new austral (thermal hybrid) and its different silhouettes (long 7-seater and coupé). Note that Scénic E-Tech should not require three independent seats in the rear like the first generation of 1996.

But his cabin it will be much more generous surpassed only by that of the Mégane E-Tech. Like the sedan, the Scénic E-Tech will be produced in Douai, a site born in 1975 to house less than a year later, the… Renault 14.

Finally, 2023 should see the arrival of a restyling for to Arkanawith the introduction of a Alpine Spirit finish instead of RS Line. Similar treatment is expected for Megane E-Tech.

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Renault R5 (2024)

We have known for some time that 2024 will be synonymous with return to favor for the legendary R5, whose concept car has been delicious since its reveal in 2021.

I was waiting for the chickensummer 2024, the future Renault 5 should closely follow this first sketch with some 125 and 150 HP engines attached to two batteries of 45 and 52 kWh.

Renault 4ever Trophy (2025)

Take a good look at this show car of the future Renault 4 in this version trophy and preserves only the parts of light gray bodywork. You will imagine the Renault’s next 100% electric crossover.

this 4 Ever since 2025 will be slightly above the R5 (2024) with a length of 4.16 m, compared to less than 4 m in the R5. It’s official: in the future range, these two new electric Renaults will coexist with theirs Clio hybrid thermal cousins etc capture

Obviously, Renault has chosen a path diametrically opposed to that of its French competitor stellar. If the latter offers thermal and 100% electric vehicles with identical silhouettes (Peugeot 208, 2008, 308, DS 3 or Citroën C4), Renault wants to attract 100% electric customers by offering Vehicles 100% different from Clio or Captur.

The 4Ever logically integrates the world of SUV segment B, next to the Captur or 2008, or even the Be Nero a little more generous in length. The functional aspect has been favored – we will only find out in 2025… – and its technical part will be identical to that of the R5.

The R5 and R4 sit on the platform CMF-B EVthat of the thermal versions of the Clio and Captur transformed, thanks to 50% new parts and structure, Basement 100% electric. It is less expensive than the study of a dedicated platform like that of the Megane E-Tech.

We evoke for the two models R4 and R5 a Motorization of 100 kW (136 CV) and an autonomy of 400 km, probably in the urban cycle, the least voracious for an electric.

Both cars will be produced in two and, unlike its ancestor, the 4Ever this time will be positioned above the R5 and therefore more expensive. If the R5 will be around €23,000, we can imagine that the 4Ever will be close to €25,000.

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